Robert Morris

The God I Never Knew PB

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Who is the Holy Spirit and exactly what does He do?

Many people find the Holy Spirit mysterious and confounding.  Why is the third person in the Godhead – the one Jesus said would be the believer’s ultimate source of truth and comfort – the source of such confusion?

In The God I Never Knew, Robert Morris clearly explains that the Holy Spirit’s chief desire is for relationship – to offer us the encouragement and guidance of a trusted friend.  This insightful and biblically-based book moves beyond theological jargon, religious tradition and cultural misconceptions to clarify what the Holy Spirit promises to do in your life:

  • Dwell within you.
  • Guide you and all truth.
  • Pray for you.
  • Never leave you.
  • Be your helper
  • Comfort you.
  • Show you things to come

It’s time to experience the Holy Spirit in a fresh new way – to meet the God you have never known.

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