A New Color for Christmas: An Advent Devotional

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Orange is decidedly not a Christmas color. Or is it?

“God speaks in color! And He wants to talk to you this Christmas about the color orange. Orange may not be the color Christmas immediately brings to your mind, but in this book you will find that when you allow God to step into the picture of your life, everything speaks of Him. Even orange.”—Rebecca Hayford Bauer
Red is the color of ornaments, lights, and Santa’s coat. Green is the color of Christmas trees, holly, and mistletoe. These are the traditional colors that represent
Christmas. But is it possible that orange is actually the color of the season?
Orange represents change, and the first Christmas was filled with change. This
Advent devotional will take you back to the first Christmas to explore how a baby
in Bethlehem altered the course of history.
About the Author:
Jon Huntzinger invites you to reflect on the meaning of Christmas. He opens a window into his family memories and experiences, along with his study of the Bible’s Christmas story. Jon’s warm style will encourage you to embrace the precious gift of God’s Son as you celebrate this season. Dr. Huntzinger is the Distinguished Professor of Bible and Ministry at The Kings University.

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