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Strong Women Study Guide

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Opposites attract, but they don’t naturally blend.
In marriage, we may expect our spouses to change to our way of thinking. Whether we are passive, assertive, or somewhere in the middle, we are convinced our way is the best. But problems arise when we try to force someone to be something they weren’t designed to be. This study guide will help you and your spouse discover and embrace each other’s unique strengths. Together, you will learn how to communicate effectively and solve conflicts in healthy ways. As a result, you will build a partnership leading to a happy, fulfilling marriage.
About the Author:
Tom and Jan Lane were high school sweethearts and have been married for over 46 years. Together, they have led small groups, counseled couples, and planted churches. Jan has mentored many women who have come through their home and the church. Tom has mentored leaders and helped lead two megachurches over 36 years of vocational ministry. He has authored several books, including Heritage: A Father’s Influence to the Generations and Foundations of Healthy Church Government. Tom and Jan have four children and 15 grandchildren.

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