Fear No More



When your fear is wrongly rooted, you get the wrong kind of fruit. But when you fear God, you get the right fruit and receive His promises.

Benjamin Gilmore reveals the truth hiding behind your fear and how it affects your future. This book gets to the root of fear, why it's there, and what you can do with it.

Once you realize the power within your hands, it will change the way you fight.


About the Author

Benjamin Gilmore is an Equip pastor at Gateway Church, where he has attended since 2005 and worked since 2012. He has served the church in areas of worship and prayer as well as freedom, where he managed KAIROS (Gateway’s flagship Freedom event) and taught Freedom classes. In his current role, Benjamin continues to lead Freedom classes, and he also develops curriculum, oversees Southlake Equip teachers and the Southlake class programming, and participates in the integration of freedom culture throughout the church.

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