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Foundations of Healthy Church Government DVD (Updated)



3 DVDs



You can avoid power struggles before they even start.

Your church can move from confusion to unity.

You can turn the battleground into fertile ground.


Why do church leaders often feel alone or overwhelmed by disunity? Church growth is stunted and members are dissatisfied because of conflict and chaos. Good people doing good things cannot overcome unhealthy church government.

Develop a biblical model of church governance. Move from a frustrated staff to fruitful ministry. Decrease time wasting and strife, and promote harmony and accountability. The government model you choose determines your church’s destiny.

Tom Lane is one of the foremost authorities on church government. He has more than 30 years experience as
 a ministry leader and was a foundational leader at both Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo,Texas and Gateway Church in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. Several additional ministries rely on Tom’s wisdom and experience as a board member or governing elder. He teaches with a warm relational style
 and an unwavering moral authority.

Tom has authored three books: The Influence of a Father, Conversations with God, and Letters from a Dad to a Graduate. With his wife, Jan, he coauthored Strong Women and the Men Who Love Them. He coauthored He Still Speaks and has written articles for Ministry Today.


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