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From the bestselling author of Marriage on the Rock, Four Laws of Love represents the culmination of Jimmy Evans’ influential career. In this deeply personal book, Jimmy Evans outlines the foundational pillars upon which God designed marriage. Without holding back, he tells the story of his own marriage, which was hurtling toward divorce until this self-proclaimed “bad husband” came to recognize and put into practice these four laws.

This book sounds a wake-up call for every kind of marriage, including those that are barely surviving and those that seem to operate on autopilot. Couples who follow these simple guidelines ― recognizing the original intent and purpose of marriage―will inject new life into their unions. They’ll see hurting marriages find healing and watch good marriages become great. Each revitalized relationship will play a part in restoring marriage to its sacred role at the center of human civilization.


"Marriage is a relationship created and sustained by God. A successful marriage does not happen by accident; it succeeds by design. In his new book, The Four Laws of Love, my friend, Jimmy Evans, describes the God-ordered principles that govern a successful marriage and shows you how to understand and follow them to achieve the marriage you’ve always desired." (Victoria Osteen Co-Pastor)

"One of the strongest messages that Jimmy has in this book is that marriage, like everything of great value, is not free. It takes work, effort, and sacrifice. But, because it is of great value, the work and sacrifice are more than worth it, and he gives some great tips on how to love one another well." (Dr. Henry Cloud New York Times Bestselling Author)

"The Four Laws of Love by Jimmy Evans is an instant classic you don’t want to miss! Many books claim to know the secret to a happy marriage, but Jimmy knows the only book with that secret is the Bible. Drawing from his ongoing insight into Genesis and his marriage to Karen for over forty years, Jimmy shares wisdom, encouragement, and practical application for honoring God and loving your spouse. From newlyweds to empty nesters, The Four Laws of Love is a field guide for growing in intimacy, strengthening your marriage, and deepening your faith." (Chris Hodges Senior Pastor)

"My best friend, Jimmy Evans, is the foremost speaker and pastor on marriage today. In his new book, The Four Laws of Love, he shares with us the amazing insight and revelation he has received from the Holy Spirit about marriage as well as what he’s learned in almost forty years of marriage ministry. He and his wife, Karen, live out these principles, and I believe that if you and your spouse do the same, you will not only have a successful marriage, but you will also have a more intimate relationship with your spouse and with God." (Robert Morris Founding Lead Senior Pastor)

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