Más Grande CD

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HE IS GREATER THAN sickness, disappointment, pain, fear, loss, or anything we will face in this life. There are forces at work all around us, some seen and some unseen, that can overwhelm our hope, our peace, and our joy. However, there is a constant Presence in the chaos—an ultimate force that is greater than anything else. God in all His power chooses to make himself known—not always in the thunder, the fire, or the wind but in the most gentle whisper from His Spirit.

GATEWAY’s new live album, Más Grande, captures a move of God’s power, presence, and Spirit through a special night of worship at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. This definitive collection represents the newest and most-loved songs from Gateway Church. We pray these songs will bless and equip the global church for years to come. Featuring guest artists Daniel Calveti, Christine D’Clario, Becky Collazos/AmorMercy, Lilly Goodman, Jacobo Ramos, Julissa and Coalo Zamorano.

The GATEWAY collective is born out of the presence-driven worship atmosphere at multiple Gateway Church campuses, where tens of thousands join in worship every week.

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