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Adventures in Prayer LL

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“Mary, you talk too much.”—God


Would God same the same thing to you?

Are your prayers one-dimensional?

When you pray, who does the talking?


Praying isn’t just talking—it’s also listening, watching, and expecting. Travel with Mary Jo on her adventures as she finds God in ordinary places. Learn in 40 days what she learned in her first 40 years of walking with God. Each day has a simple but inspiring personal story. Elements of her journey, character, and anointing will transform your prayer life. Learn how to:

  • Set aside a special place to meet with God
  • See God’s fingerprints in every story of your life
  • Develop a prayer habit of listening to God
  • Respond to God’s message to you


About the Author:

Mary Jo Pierce believes that prayer encompasses the whole of why we were created—to partner with God to bring heaven to earth. She has studied under both Dutch Sheets and Mike Bickle. Mary Jo says, “Why do I love prayer? Because it works!” In 2004, she became the first pastor of prayer and intercession at Gateway Church in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. She continues to serve in this role and regularly travels and teaches about prayer.

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