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Legacy Song PB

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A person’s legacy is an interconnection across time, with a need for those who have come before them and a responsibility to those who come after them, and it gives shape and meaning to the lives of many people, reflecting all that they held most near and dear.  In this book, people will find a road-map to leaving a lasting eternal legacy. Sometimes, without our conscious knowledge, the integrity of our lives spills over into the lives of individuals we meet. But those who we intentionally spend our lives with are our true legacy and remain long after we are passed from this earthly life.   Our personal legacy is not to be found in the things we leave behind or the monuments that are built to our memory, but like all great symphonic works, our lives are touching all those to whom we are connected and form a song of praise to God.  For many years, Olen has taught people how to engage in the song of The Lord in worship gatherings, as well as the wonder and majesty of the song of the Lord. This book brings the metaphor of a song and a person’s legacy together to help people to leave a song that honors the Kingdom and lives on when their time on earth is complete. 

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