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Whatever a monument means to each of us, we find through the Bible that monuments were built to honor God and His goodness, mercy and favor. Some were simple piles of stone, some were towers and some were temples, but all were intended to remind people of our faithful God and to have courage to follow in faith with only a glimpse of what’s to come.

Today, there are still monuments all around us, we see them everyday...our families, opportunities, health, finances, and one another. These blessings are monuments of God’s love. The new album from GATEWAY, Monuments, introduces a new generation of worship leaders, new sounds, new voices and songs born out of a presence driven worship atmosphere at the multiple campuses where Gateway Worship leads tens of thousands in worship every week.

GATEWAY is the collective of voices and songs from Gateway Church which has grown to be one of the largest churches in North America and one of the most influential over the past decade. These worship songs, powerful messages, artists and resources continue to impact people and congregations around the world. GATEWAY has contributed many songs that rank among the top most used in churches based on the CCLI charts. Led by Mark Harris, GATEWAY is a new collective born out of the rich heritage that began over a decade ago with Gateway Worship and features new voices and new songs reflecting the vision of cultivating a presence-driven worship culture and environment at Gateway Church and beyond.


Song List:

1. Open The Heavens

2. Monuments

3. It Is Finished

4. Precious Jesus

5. I Am Found, I Am Free

6. For All My Days

7. Living Water

8. My Only Hope

9. Won My Heart

10. Have Your Way

11. Let My Soul

12. Wilderness

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