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It seems like there are walls everywhere. They may not be walls you can see with your eyes, but they are there. Massive, insurmountable walls. Political walls. Racial and cultural walls. Denominational walls. Walls of pride, selfishness, and sin. Walls.

But the truth is, we were never ment to live like this-with walls dividing us, separating us. God's heart is, and always has been, for us to be united as one.

All throughout the Bible, when God's people united together, God Himself would cause the walls of opposition to fall. Joshua faced the daunting walls of Jericho. Jehoshaphat faced three entire armies. Paul and Silas faced the walls and chains of their prison cell. And each time, God did the work when the people took their eyes off the walls in front of them, united together, and wholeheartedly worshipped Him.

When our worship and praise go up, walls come crashing down. So let's make the choice together to worship our King.

Walls are coming down.

WALLS, the latest live recording project from Gateway Worship, captures deep moments of worship while expressing the unchanging truth of God’s love for His church. Led by Worship Pastor Thomas Miller and featuring worship leaders such as Dove Award-winning and GRAMMY® nominated Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Mark Harris, David Moore, Rebecca Hart, Matt Birkenfeld, Rita Springer, Anna Byrd and many others who collectively form Gateway Worship.
Gateway Worship is part of Gateway Church which has grown to be one of the largest churches in North America and one of the most influential over the past decade. It’s worship songs, powerful messages, artists and resources are touching people and congregations around the world. In its first decade of existence, it has contributed many songs that rank with the top most used in churches based on chart listings from CCLI.


  1. Higher Than The Sky
  2. Love Has Found Us
  3. Walls
  4. You Stand
  5. Grace That Won't Let Go
  6. Let The Heavens Open
  7. Undone (We Cry Out)
  8. You Never Change
  9. Found In You
  10. We Are One
  11. Wait For You
  12. Whatever You Want
  13. We Bow Low

*Bonus Track* Grace That Won't Let Go (Radio Edit)

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