God & King CD: Zach Neese

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From the writer of Alabaster Jar & The More I Seek You comes the first solo CD project by Pastor Zach Neese, worship leader from Gateway Church. This CD captures the intimate relationship of a worshipper and his God. No matter what you may be facing, these songs will minister to you and will reflect the heart of an intimacy seeking God.

Pastor Zach says, "This CD may not be what you are expecting.  I didn't set out to make a 'worship' CD.  I set out to obey God and see where He would lead me.  I think that He's led me somewhere good.  I'm praying that these songs will be vehicles that drive you to God and that they will set melody to your meeting places, and that as they do, your world will change too."


1. We Trust In Jesus
2. That's My God
3. Reign In Me
4. Love Has Done It
5. God Come In
6. Cover Me
7. If There Had Been No Cross
8. Is Anybody Listening
9. God & King
10. Love Won't Fail
11. Hang On 
12. Faithful God (Live Extended Version)  

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