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Having been changed dramatically by more than two decades of in-depth Bible studies and small groups, Cristie Penn was inspired to write this study guide as an addition to Keys of Truth. She believes we may have been more influenced by the world’s system and culture than we realize. The 1960s began a shift in the fabric of our nation that has continued over the past five decades. This environment we live in has taken a toll on God’s most prized possession—family. Cristie has leaned over the years that it takes time and reflection to allow the Lord to expose and uproot lies and replace those lies with truth and permanent power.

In this study, she systematically explains how God’s people can walk in their anointing and be unified by knowing their God-given positions and walking in them. It provides tools that not only explain what to do to bring change but how to do it.

Take this journey and discover how amazingly you were made and how powerful you can become when walking in your God-given femininity or masculinity.


Keys of Truth Study Guide includes:

·       Thought-provoking questions to help you dig deeper into Keys of Truth.

·       A workbook format so you can write your answers directly in the book.

·       Commentaries that give greater insight into ourselves and the opposite gender.

·       Features new and updated content not found in the book.


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