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It seems like there are walls everywhere. They may not be walls you can see with your eyes, but they are there. Massive, insurmountable walls. Political walls. Racial and cultural walls. Denominational walls. Walls of pride, selfishness, and sin. Walls.

But the truth is, we were never meant to live like this-with walls dividing us, separating us. God's heart is, and always has been, for us to be united as one.

All throughout the Bible, when God's people united together, God Himself would cause the walls of opposition to fall. Joshua faced the daunting walls of Jericho. Jehoshaphat faced three entire armies. Paul and Silas faced the walls and chains of their prison cell. And each time, God did the work when the people took their eyes off the walls in front of them, united together, and wholeheartedly worshipped Him.

When our worship and praise go up, walls come crashing down. So let's make the choice together to worship our King. Walls are coming down.

Enjoy the Spanish version of Gateway Worship’s 2015 release Walls, now titled Murallas, recorded live at Comunidad Cristiana Agua Viva in Lima, Peru.



Song list:

1.      Como el cielo es

2.      Tu amor me encuentra

3.      Firme

4.      Es Tu gracia

5.      Que se Abra el Cielo

6.      Quebrantados

7.      Yo Veré

8.      Tu nunca cambias

9.      Santo Espiritu y Verdad

10.  Lo que quieras Tu

11.  Cerca a Ti

12.  Hallado en Ti

13.  Murallas

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